Setting Intentions for 2023, MeWe Awakening Panel
28 Dec 06:00 PM to 28 Dec 08:30 PM
Yeah, 2022 is just about done. What are your hopes, dreams, plans or goals for 2023. Our Panel of six intuitives will chat about the previous year, what we got out of it, and then look forward to 2023 with you. We encourage you to stand with us and ask you questions. Join our MeWe Awakening Panel Online with ~6 Intuitives: Crystal Novak, DoveLight Oracle, Jeannie Sullivan, Susy Parker Goins, Susan Watkins and Laureli Shimayo Go to www.joinmeweonline to join us. There are 2 ways to participate in our Online Awakening Panel: - Watch, Listen, Learn & Grow (FREE) - Ask Your Question & Receive Empowering Answers (SLIDING SCALE) #bluelightninghealing #blhmeditations #susyparkergoins #susypgoins #meweonline #mewefairs #settingintention #chattingwithspirit #newyear #whatsyourdream #whatdoyouwanttodo
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