Past Lives - A MEWE Awakening Panel
11 Jul 06:00 PM to 1 Sep 08:30 PM
Tarot and exploring past lives was what launched me on my spiritual path. Understanding there is more than the physical existence, that there is more than one opportunity to experience life as a human, the people we click with have been with us before, knowledge carries forward, so many unexplainable things are the result of past lives. Join us (Jennifer, Laureli, me, and more) as we discuss reincarnation, remembering our past lives, and answer your questions about your past lives, soul family and more. Go to to listen for free or ask a question for a sliding scale fee. #bluelightninghealing #blhmeditations #susypgoins #susyparkergoins #channeling #energyhealing #meweonlinefairs #pastlivers #wehaveallbeenherebefore #Dejavu #reincarnation #lessonlearned #soulfamily
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