Join me and Kendara Laurel for this entertaining and enlightening Zoom event! My life has been a lesson in the power of saying yes. When I was eight, I said ‘no’ in such a profound way, that I haven’t really recovered from that situation. In my 20’s, I declared channeling was hard to learn. From there, it took about 25 more years before I really said yes. Because of this, it has taken me a bit longer to be far more confident in my skills to be at this point to where I can talk so freely about it. But since then, I have said yes to mediumship, animal communication, podcasting, myself and so much more Saying Yes to your intuition opens so many doors to a richer Source-filled life. The community you are building here is an amazing resource to draw from. Say Yes to yourself to being a conduit for Source. I look forward to seeing and chatting with everyone. I'll also be doing mini-readings and healings.
  • Public Event
  • 22 Jan - 22 Jan
    22 Jan 11:00 AM to 22 Jan 01:00 PM
  • Hosted By Susy Goins
  • Wellness
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